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Trend & Save

December 5, 2012

The Sci-fi space mini trend. Although set to still be a hit in A/W extended from the summer of this year, but one that I personally think will never out run some of the other trends we’ll see this fall, it’s still a kooky little number for every cyberdog fan to sink their laser vision pupils into.
With Black Milk kicking off the star trek love affair this summer it’s now finally made its way subtly into this year’s shoe department of designer wear with vibrant greens and two-tone metallics being a key look for this trend. But don’t worry high street haulers CJG’s got you covered.
CJG aka Chloe Jade Green and Topshop’s top gal has returned with her new range of skyscraper shoes all with the now signature mint green louboutinesk heel, and this ones set to rival the designer devils as well as conquer the stud, snake and green tone trends to ensure you skip into 2013 on top.


1) YSL Mirrored-heel metallic pumps: £765: YSL via Net-a-porter
2) CJG Stud Venom Courts: £130: CJG via Topshop

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Trend & Save

October 25, 2012

Yes.. yes.. ok regular readers, I KNOW this week were meant to hopping on the pic & tunes bandwagon.. AND YES.. we do see ALOT of shoes on here, too many at times.. But because my shoe needs are a must on this section of the web these particular ones HAVE to be blogged about as they depict everything I’ve ever wanted (and trust me, you want) from a boot.. ever.. And, as fashionably sad as it is.. they’re so nice, they make me sick every time I look at them, and if you’re a guy reading this post.. the kind of illness one would have as a football follower standing in their home teams dressing room amongst all their favorite players.
My fashion brain and I have always longed for the days of skipping down the middle of a snow flurried christmas light infused Oxford Street in a dalmatian print coat, wet look leggings and a pair of boots only dreams were made of seen in all of my fantasies.. and when I say fantasies.. these boots are like ones never to have been made, the sort of stuff someone thinks up in their head and never talks about whilst swallowing a deeply buried desperation in the inevitable case that if hopes rises fashion feelings could get hurt. Well this dream, MY DREAM, happened. And I’m still wondering how I’ve never encountered these heart palpitators before.

1) Peplum ankle leather boots in tan: £554: Casadei

The Casadei Peplum ankle boot combine a smooth round feminine toe, with the PERFECT amount of height from a chunky mary jane heel, black and almond pinky tone alongside one another in a vertical block print alongside a sophisticated chain detail to make any Chanel addict swoon towards this brand. These ladies, are a thing of true beauty, so beautiful that the expansion of the chain cup toe shoe now stretches across all the footwear styles.

But so long as my bank balance remains in the harsh state that it’s in and boots stay a much-needed item for this winter.. a £554 price tag is not going help me. So unfortunately these will have to stay well and truly scribbled down on my fashion hit list and this pair of similar style (but sadly not detail) Topshop black boots with gold edges and studs, although lovely, will have to do for the fore-sigh-able future. Talk about first world problems.

Oh and just on an out note, sorry for my not-so-weekly weekly postings to you all.. My second brain aka my boyfriend highlighted to me my lack of regular posting and booted me into completing my many drafts so you can thank him for this (another reason why I love him so -bleurgh-) Check back for another interesting blog article very soon!

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Semper Amemus

September 17, 2012

Boater hat: Vintage
Mint green box jumper: H&M
Black slip dress: H&M
Black Leggings: Topshop
Teal green Dr.Martens: Vintage
Gold lion head necklace: H&M
Fools gold textured silver heart ring: Miso via Republic
‘Strawberry fizz’ pink scented nail polish: Rimmel

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Trend & Save

September 11, 2012

A spiked, studded and all round Osbourne goth chic is a real vibe right now and a great way to accessorise your outfit with textures and pattern without having to majorly compromise the rest of your outfit. Bloggers everywhere have been jumping on this trend of mixing feminine floral’s with fiery spikes to create those ultimate contrasting looks.. and the best part about it is it can be snapped up on the simplest of budgets. One of my favourites has to be the statement making spiked headband, and below is my top 3 selection of affordable cranium crowns to jump headfirst into this trend with.

1) ASOS Spike Pearl & Crystal Headband: £12: ASOS
3) Silver spike head-dress: £3.49: Ebay

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I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down

August 18, 2012

Black bowler hat: H&M
Dalmatian print dress: H&M
White crochet socks: Sainsburys
Ox Blood brogue’s: Vintage Dr.Martens
Minnie pearl necklace: Disney Couture Mawi Collection via ASOS
Black reptile print backpack: Vintage
Black and red round keyhole sunglasses: Topshop
New Berry Hibiscus Refresha: Starbucks

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And I’m known, as such, And this is a beat, uh, you can’t touch

August 17, 2012

Testing out my new Melissa holiday shoes!

Black bowler hat: H&M
Blue and white stripe shirt: The Village Green via Topshop
Porcelain floral brooch: Dorothy Ann via Charity Shop
Black leggings: Topshop
Black and gold ring bowed jelly shoe: Mel shoes via Williams and Griffins
Tan satchel bag: Primark (old)

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But do you remember, do you recall, When the good times filled your heart and soul

August 15, 2012

Red Pork Pie Hat: Topshop (similar here)
Tan Leopard print buttoned dress: Topshop
Faux leather jacket: Billabong via TK Maxx
Black leggings: Topshop
Tan woven faux leather pumps with bows: Newlook (old)
Spiked and chain brushed gold tone necklace: Ebay

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The Bloggers Bookmarks #6

July 27, 2012

Wow, its been a while since I did a bloggers bookmark!.. With all the lovely things I’ve been collating for myself on top of work currently.. I’ve found it hard to find the time to shrink it all down to a bitesize piece! So hopefully this little lot depicts where I’m at right now with my current styling and trends, I know it’s a little sale central.. but where isn’t!

1) SERENA DRESS: Sale! £20: Goldie via Topshop
Running wild with 50’s retro, plaid is a real late 50’s print and is a fresher summer joy for anyone trying to get away from the darker tartan prints that really depict winter. This little Goldie dress in the sale on the Topshop website is a real cheap modern treat for cracking those 50’s and white trends this season, and yes.. the belt is included!

2) Deirdre Shoe: Sale! £47: Dr.Martens
The next two items were obviously adored in direction towards wearing with the Serena dress.. and the other dress shown here by ASOS which I have now purchased.. can you see why? I am obviously (like most bloggers) a lover of mainly 80’s, 60’s and 50’s dress and are probably the best of the era’s were closest to now and ones where vintage stuff is easy to come across (I do like 40’s but it’s always really hard to find) people who search for vintage will know where I’m coming from. In conjunction with these eras Dr.Martens are a fashionistas best friend and these have the perfect amount of femininity without tearing away the unique masculine heart of a Dr.Marten shoe, a perfect amount of testosterone for my style to bring that Serena dress down a few pretty pegs.

3) 11″ Leather Black Croco Satchel: Sale! £63: Dr.Martens
And yes.. along with the Deirdre shoe I couldn’t help but look at the rest of the Dr.Marten’s sale… and nose at my favourite of the satchels which I’ve mentioned before on my blog, dreaming about how good that whole outfit would look!.. Anyone love me enough to get me these 3 numbers?

4) Pencil Dress In Gingham: Sale! £14: ASOS
Moving on.. or rather a-long.. with another dress that would go SO well with the 2 DM items.. this ASOS sale gingham number is a super Grease/Betty Boop hit (Approved by Betty Boop herself!).. At first I thought as I’m quite curvy and its white it may attack me in all the wrong places.. But it’s actually such a nice piece and although will need nude coloured undies its lilac 50’s pride will sit well in my current wardrobe. Can’t wait to wear it!

5) Perfume Bottle Pendant: Sale! £7.50: Gogo Philip
I always love the alternative long necklaces Gogo Philips creates and this is so lovely, a perfect extra bit of layering to put with ‘that’ gingham number.. and this ones with nearly £10 off!

So now you’re all up to date.. enjoy the sales! And remember to check back next week for a few more fashion articles I’ve got up my sleeve.. along with the usual Pic & Tunes!

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OOTD – One for the Weekend

June 24, 2012

Birthday suit #2* – What I wore to my joint birthday outing in London last weekend
*Yes.. I did have 2 birthdays and yes.. the pout was due to champagne

Vintage large check blazer with velvet detailing: Yarell via Ebay
Vintage oversize cream shirt: Elfie via Charity Shop
Vintage Neck scarf: Liberty via Charity Shop
Pocket watch necklace: Ebay
Black Leggings: Topshop
Black vintage boater hat: Charity Shop
Black multi-strapped wedges: Pilot (similar here)
Plastic Birthday cake glasses: Unknown

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Tighty whiteys!

March 22, 2011

Every teen, fashionista, magazine, stylist, zine, crazed consumer and their dog (to name a few) are all talking about that little thing called spring and the up and coming hot (or rather milder) spots popping up on that map that is english fashion.

I want to concentrate on a very specific colour making a very contrasting come back compared to our winter ranges.. white!
It seems that the whole of the high street is having a little spring clean from all of the grungy black’s and bronze’s we were hit by in A/W and has sprung back with a much more brighter out look for this season.

There have been a few things that have caught my eye, but the main piece seems to be the traditional sheer english blouse in white/off white/pale shade’s which all seem to have that feel of “Yes I do take styling tips from Pulp Fiction, yes this does make me look sophisticated and sharp, and yes my gangster friend will probably blow your balls off”.
The first 4 examples I have are from Boo Hoo, Topshop, New Look and H&M

I absolutely love all of these shirts as they all seem to have their own quirky contemporary finish.. Boo Hoo’s one in using an off coloured shade of pink, Topshop’s for the use of added details with stitching, New Look for a dipped hem and H&M for its very sleek long line shirt just like our good friend Mia Wallace.

Also the great thing about white is, just like black, it can complete an outfit as it’s a ‘shade’ and not a ‘colour’!
I can see all of these going perfectly with leggings, a headscarf, Barbour jacket and DM’s.