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Pic & Tunes

December 12, 2012

Now look back see how far you’ve come
You’ve reached it you’ve found your grace


























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Pic & Tunes

October 2, 2012

This week although like every other inspirational post weeks it features a variety of fashion and beauty images but it’s also been heavily taken over by the art and design world and as my career is in design I thought I’d go into this side of my visual love a little further on here this week. My real favourite (although they’re all amazing) as you can probably guess is the floating snow hats piece by Nendo, I mainly love the sense of depth of field in this one! Where music is concerned.. the X Factor is always such a taboo subject when it comes to music and ‘talent’, I don’t watch it religiously but I did manage to catch Ella Henderson’s rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ a week or so ago and since listening to it I can’t seem to stop! The lyrics have been so enlightened and empowered by this version whilst seemingly brushing the whole 90’s ideal away that it doesn’t feel like that same overplayed karaoke song we all know, a talent hard to achieve for any musician so this girl is definitely one to sign.

Most art images found via Hovercraftdoggy

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The promised post

May 21, 2011

The wait is finally over for all the third year graphic design students at UCA (and for all of you blog readers as I now finally have time to blog), well done to everyone for finishing their FMP, I’m sure this next stretch of stress for the final show will definitely be worth it!

One of the first of many subjects that I wanted to share with you all that I promised for my last post (hinted from pop singer Lulu and dead pigs.. but I didn’t think anyone would’ve got that), was my final graphic design piece for my FMP at university which I’m very proud of and is currently available to buy on LULU and soon to be placed in bookartbookshop in Shoreditch for 4 months!
My work looks into the idea of changing personal perception on the theme of home, and photographically exploring separate subjects that fall under associations we all have on the theme placed with my detailed writing on each subject.

I absolutely love some feedback on it as to any areas I could improve on design wise or your personal thoughts on the work, OR if you would like to buy the piece please follow the link below:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The next thing I really wanted to blog about were 2 main photographers that I’ve researching in-depth for my project which I posted images of in my last post, Martin Parr and Wolfgang Tillmans.
Martin Parr’s work is really people or objects orientated. He explores collections of objects that fit together, but puts his books together in a way they mould as one, but are still separate with their own hidden story. This is demonstrated by his book entitled ‘British food’:

With his human orientated work, he seems to like to keep an air of mystery to his photographs and treats his subjects a side step away from who they really are. As a viewer you’re not really given the chance to know or get to know fully about the person/place that is being photographed, and in this way leaves key features out of the work for audience interpretation. Parr’s book ‘Benidorm’ focuses heavily on this effect.

Another interesting artist I have been looking at is Wolfgang Tillmans. This artist speaks a very unconventional manner as Parr does, but explores a variety of subjects together, but are taken from angles that are extremely catching to the eye which experiment with shape and movement. The subjects themselves are also of very odd situations or areas of the globe which seem raw, strange or things that are normally focused on. The Wolfgang Tillmans ‘Serpentine Gallery’ book demonstrates these qualities.

Both these artist specialise in a skill area that is very specialist, but the way that the images have been taken, handled, produced and collected, makes their books somethings very different and holding a currency out of the idea of ‘oh.. that’s a nice picture’.
These artist’s are the type of people who empower myself and my dreams, and really give depth of meaning to very well-known subjects, and I hope you can see the sort of angle I was travelling with in my own work when looking at these images.

I will be blogging very soon about the other subject matters on the visual list I created in the last post including; sleeveless shirts sweeping the nation, the strange world of taxidermy, my latest review on Tracey Emin plus a few more additions I hope.. a very strange mix I know but I’m sure It’ll be an exciting read!

Hands of Harlow

October 16, 2010

Now I know that I’ve been a bit mad on posting about the House Of Harlow 1960 brand, but recently at university we were set the task to think up a subject of our choice and create a replicable fanzine on it in one day. I obviously decided to base mine on House of Harlow 1960 and also combine it with my love of drawing hands.
Its made from one piece of A3 paper so it can be photocopied and replicated but it’s sadly only 3 pages long, I would’ve wanted it to be longer but its amazing what you can create in one day! Who knows, I may create a series? What do you think?

Are you buying your cards right?

September 2, 2010

As a graphics student I have a love for good typography and design and especially when the 2 meet.
Alongside the pretty patterned Melamine crockery I discovered recently I have also found these amazing typographic cards from the same shop. I love the use of elegant script alongside bold type such as circus, and then a subtle but clever use of small objects and shapes in the background on attractive blendable hues of colour.
Although this idea has been done many times before the messages on the cards are the icing on the cake of why to reach out and buy these cleverly constructed cards instead of your usual basic Clinton’s one.
You can find the full range of cards at Peachy Keen Cards