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Trend & Save

December 5, 2012

The Sci-fi space mini trend. Although set to still be a hit in A/W extended from the summer of this year, but one that I personally think will never out run some of the other trends we’ll see this fall, it’s still a kooky little number for every cyberdog fan to sink their laser vision pupils into.
With Black Milk kicking off the star trek love affair this summer it’s now finally made its way subtly into this year’s shoe department of designer wear with vibrant greens and two-tone metallics being a key look for this trend. But don’t worry high street haulers CJG’s got you covered.
CJG aka Chloe Jade Green and Topshop’s top gal has returned with her new range of skyscraper shoes all with the now signature mint green louboutinesk heel, and this ones set to rival the designer devils as well as conquer the stud, snake and green tone trends to ensure you skip into 2013 on top.


1) YSL Mirrored-heel metallic pumps: £765: YSL via Net-a-porter
2) CJG Stud Venom Courts: £130: CJG via Topshop

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The YSL Arty

June 14, 2011

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent or known well to us as the french fashion designer and founder of the Yves Saint Laurent brand must have known that my latest love for all black outfits had been swiftly coming round the corner, as this genius of a fashion designer sent me my much awaited and truly striking YSL arty ring not so long ago (after many months scrimping and saving quite a few pennies for the £120 price tag!)..

With tailored black numbers, sleek use of statement shapes and classic fur oozing from the YSL AW11 fall manifesto, it’s not surprising that the arty ring was created by this fashion house and been a humongous hit with fashion lovers.

The arty ring gives off the YSL brands very classic and sophisticated fashion sense straight away with the use of a large smooth oval shape beautifully melting into the rounded square ring attachment, but all the while screaming how different it is to anything else out there on the market today, with the carefully sourced and very individual tree bark texture detailing the ring all over.
Set on either a 14ct gold-plated or sterling silver frame with a wide selection of large stone adornments to choose for the top of the piece set slightly over the lucky users knuckle, I personally think the ring lives completely up to its ‘arty’ name of being quirky, different, colourful, stylish and a wonderful addition to spice up any outfit.

A few weeks after buying my own ring from the collection I noticed on the net-a-porter website that mine and practically all of the colours from the collection had sold out completely, meaning another long wait/search for arty lovers who didn’t jump ship this time.. information gathered from my own personal hideously long wait for my own. But trust me if you like statement jewelry keep waiting, as it’s definitely one of the best piece I own!


P.s.. Thank you to all these other arty lovers for their images: